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Dry Lining & Plastering

Reliably Providing Top-Class Dry Lining
and Plastering in Waltham Forest, London

Providing a solid surface for the interior of your property, our dry lining and plastering services will help you in transforming your home. At TNK Construction Ltd, in Waltham Forest, London, we provide a range of top-class services, ranging from simple renovations to building new properties


Dry Lining Your Walls

Without needing the added durability of plaster, dry lining involves covering a surface in reinforced materials that are ready to decorate. Put your trust in our skilled specialists to gain peace of mind knowing that you’re in safe hands.


Plastering to Perfection

When it comes to plastering your wall, you have plenty of choice for creating stunning designs and patterns which are sure to add decorative appeal to your property. Working on new builds, we refurbish the blank canvas into a space which you’re able to call home. Entering an empty house, our team work tirelessly to complete the plastering and add partitions to the home.

Flooring and Screeding

Without professional screeding, floors may become uneven and result in a costly bill to resolve the issue. At TNK Construction Ltd, we offer a first-rate flooring service where we make sure that the durability of your flooring is finished to a high standard. Sourcing high-quality materials, from wood flooring to tiles, we’re a top-class firm that offers competitive prices. Backed by more than 10 years of experience, our specialists are on hand to help you.

Contact us today, in Waltham Forest, London, for further details about our affordable dry lining and plastering services.